What will the new buildings look like?


The design of the buildings and open space have been shaped in a large part by the community, right from the masterplanning stage through to the more detailed designs. There have been so many events and workshops which you can read about in our Statement of Community Involvement, which you will find on the Planning Application – but here are a few examples of how residents have shaped the plans you see below! Just click the blocks to read more..


Images of the proposed scheme on Glencoyne Square


The view from the North-East corner of the Square, looking over the green space.
Looking down towards Ullswater Rd. St Stephens Church is out of the shot on the right hand side, at the end of the road.
Look down over the green space, towards Arnside
Looking northwards towards St Vincents Church
Looking down towards Arnside from the open green space at the top of the Square. The red clock is an illustrative example of what a public art piece could look like.
View from Ullswater Road – St Stephens Church on your left.