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What is TimeBanking?

Timebanking is when you help somebody out with an activity and earn time credits. It could be a household task or to learn a new skill. You mow a neighbour’s lawn for an hour, you gain an hour’s time credit. Then you can spend your time credits to get help with an activity yourself!

You could also pass your time credit on to another TimeBank member, if they need help with something. Or, you could save your credits for a rainy day!

It’s totally free! You can do all sorts of activities to help one another – dog walking, DIY, cake baking, computer skills, gardening, learning an instrument and more! It’s a creative, neighbourly way of lending a hand, sharing skills and staying connected.

The important thing about TimeBanking is everyone’s time and skills are valued equally. Everyone has something to offer and everyone needs a helping hand sometimes! By earning and and spending ‘time’, all members of the community are able to give and receive help in equal measure.

Check out this handy diagram for an example…



How do I become a TimeBank Southmead member?

You can be a member in no time! Follow these steps…

  1. Register a Can Do Bristol account on the Can Do Bristol website
  2. Complete your profile
  3. On your Dashboard, click the ‘Join the Timebank’ option
  4. Complete and submit the application form

Find out more from the Can Do Bristol website


Don’t have access to a computer but would still like to be involved? Want to find out more?

Call the Greenway Centre on 0117 950 3335 and ask for Letty or Simone

Email neighbours@southmead.org



Why join TimeBank Southmead?