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Southmead Regeneration : Frequently Asked Questions

During the ongoing consultation, many questions have been asked about the regeneration. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:


Will any existing housing be removed?
No existing housing is to be lost. Additional housing is being proposed to meet local need, as requested in the Southmead Community Plan.


Will the Library / Youth Centre move?
The location of the library and youth centre will be consulted on in the next stage of design. The options include potentially staying where they are or moving, for example, access and use of the library could be increased by it sharing an entrance with another facility.


How has the community been engaged?
There have been a variety of approaches to engaging the local community which has included:
Street stalls & Drop-ins:
5 Street Stalls / ‘Pop-up’ Events located across Southmead / A stall at the Southmead Festival / Weekly drop-ins at the SCART shop and Greenway centre/ Retailers drop in event / Collectively, there were in excess of 350 conversations.

2 X Design Workshops: An opportunity to get more hands on in the design process and develop proposals. 40+ attendees across two sessions
Meetings with local groups / organisations : Team Southmead Meeting, Pentecostal Church Coffee Morning, South mead community association, GP Surgery, Youth Centre
Online Website – updated twice a week with an opportunity to comment and ongoing opportunities to comment via comment slips located throughout the neighbourhood.

Flyering over 2500 homes inviting them to comment on the masterplan and attend display events.


Why is some of the open space being developed?
Developing on some of the open space will help to deliver the much needed homes for the area, and will also mean there can be more investment in the remaining open space, including places to sit, tree planting and better quality streets and spaces for young people to play.


Will the trees stay?
The consultation across this summer highlighted how important the trees are and as we all know trees can’t be built. Therefore, the proposed design on Glencoyne has taken this in to consideration and means that almost all of the trees are unaffected.


What are the design proposals for Arnside Road?
Bristol City Council designers are aiming to make the area more pleasant and welcoming and improve the safety for pedestrians without blocking off roads. Also picking up on the importance of trees, the landscaping will include tree planting.


How many homes and other uses do your plans provide for?
There are a number of pieces of land currently not in use or underused in the area around Glencoyne square and each opportunity will be looked at to identify what homes could be built there. Over the next 10 to 15 years it is hoped to build up to 300 homes.


What will happen with parking?
Proper parking provision has been a key issue to come out of the consultation and is vital for the success of the shops and cafes etc. as well as for users of the community and health facilities. Bristol City Council want to ensure there is enough parking to support the requirements of residents, shops and community facilities.


More information is included in the Regeneration Information Pack. Click here to find out more.

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