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This fact sheet has been updated in light of the planning application being approved. Hopefully all of your questions will be answered – but please get in touch with Southmead Development Trust you have any other questions.


You will have recently seen that the planning application has been approved for the regeneration of Glencoyne Square. This is a community-led housing and regeneration scheme led by local residents, and is being developed to meet the needs set out by local people in the Southmead Community Plan.


What is the Glencoyne Square Project?

This is the first phase of a community led regeneration project for the centre of Southmead. It is not being delivered by private developers. This phase will provide 120 homes (85% of which will be affordable) as well as new community amenities and improved open spaces on Glencoyne Square.


Why Glencoyne Square?

The Southmead Community Plan, which surveyedover 900 households in Southmead, identified Glencoyne Square as a large underused space prone to anti-social behaviour, for example, riding and burning out of motor bikes. The feedback from the community was that we would like something done to address this and make Glencoyne Square and Arnside Rd an attractive area that people wanted to come to.


How are the community involved?

Southmead Development Trust, the community organisation owned and run by the community, is supporting the project.

Southmead Development Trust are working with the Arnside and Glencoyne Regeneration Project (AGRP) a group of residents and stakeholders who have been meeting since 2015 and who have the responsibility of steering the project.

Key to the success of this project has been (and will continue to be) community involvement.

To get involved, get in touch with Southmead Development Trust using the details at the end of this document.


What are the aims of the project?

The aim of the project is to improve this central part of Southmead for residents now and into the future. It is also hoped that the development will generate income in years to come to help pay for and support the neighbourhood and its priorities. For example, this might be funds to pay for workers to tackle the priorities in Southmead e.g. youth workers and/or other community based workers.


What will be built on Glencoyne Square?

A planning application was approved for:


Who will the homes be for?

The Southmead Community Plan identified that there was a need for smaller homes for older people who would like to downsize but stay in the local area. Also younger people who would like to live near their families as well as key workers such as hospital workers.

There will be a mix of tenures including:


How will homes be allocated?

A Local Lettings Policy is being negotiated with Bristol City Council to make sure many of the homes are available to people with a local connection.

Once the Local Lettings Policy has been agreed Southmead Development Trust will let the community know, so that anyone interested can ensure they are registered on HomeChoice.

If you are interested in a home please get in touch at


What will the buildings look like?

The design of the buildings has been shaped by the community through a number of local events and workshops. Feedback demonstrated that residents wanted something modern, fresh and bright which still fit in with the existing architecture of Arnside and the surrounding buildings.

You can see images of the proposed design, and how it has been shaped by the community on

You can also view the planning application on

You can also watch the planning committee make their decision on Youtube


How high will the buildings be?

The main structure of the proposed Arnside buildings is one story higher than Arnside. The set-back roof – which is not visible when walking between the buildings – is two storeys higher than Arnside. The tallest parts of the buildings are a similar height to St Stephen’s Church Tower.


Fire risk:

The scheme exceeds building regulation requirements for fire safety, for example, through making provisions for sprinklers for communal areas.


How much public open space will remain?

Over half of Glencoyne Square will remain as public open space. The current square is 14,800 sqm, the footprint of the buildings including the private courtyards is 6,224 sqm. Therefore the remaining public space will be 8,576 sqm.


What will the public space include?

The public open space will include many different seating areas, planting, over 30 new trees, accessible pathways and green space.

There will be ongoing opportunities for residents to shape and look after the green space, building on the foundations that Bristol City Council are able to provide and maintain, to make it an even better place for Southmead.


How far will the library move?

The library will be located on the ground floor of the development, on Glencoyne Square. This is roughly 140m (or a 3 minute walk) from Tesco on Greystoke Avenue, which is a similar distance to the existing library.


What is the timescale?

A planning application was submitted in September 2019.

Planning was approved unanimously in May 2020. Work is expected to begin in Spring 2021. The build programme will take between two – three years.


Will there be a disruption during the building works?

Yes is the short answer, however, the project will be carefully phased to minimise disruption. The contractor will have an officer who will be the community liaison to ensure regular communications with the neighbourhood.


How will the project be funded?

The funding for the project will be part grant which Southmead Development Trust and the housing association partners will have to bid for and the rest will be through borrowing from banks. The amount borrowed is linked to the income from the rents (we have to make sure we can pay back the loans!).


What do the Housing Association Partners do?

The Housing Association partners will work with Southmead Development Trust to deliver the scheme.



This FAQ sheet is focused just on Glencoyne Square, however, improvement works are also being developed for Arnside Road shopping area and Greystoke Avenue. These are being done by Bristol City Council and are likely to start on site in spring 2021. Bristol City Council are responsible for liaising with people on these works, but are providing regular updates to AGRP and where it is possible Southmead Development Trust will help out.


Finally, finally…

To keep up to date, give your feedback and/or get involved, please…


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