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The Southmead Regeneration Project was created to regenerate and bring life back to the centre of Southmead.

Through the creation of the community plan, extensive amounts of information were gathered from local residents and is what led us at Southmead Development Trust to start this project, building new homes and community facilities for our community.

The masterplan’s initial concept includes over 300 new homes on multiple sites at the heart of Southmead, and SDT are continuously working with the community to ensure there is every opportunity for people’s voices to be heard, as these opinions are what consistently shape the project.

This redevelopment is set to be one of the largest community led housing projects in the UK to date, so it’s important to us that Meaders and the wider Bristol Community are aware of our ambitious project so that interest and input is generated in the ongoing regeneration of Southmead.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we want this regeneration to be a long standing source of revenue which gives back to the community for years to come, continually improving the area for those who like and work here.

Moreover, while this project is profoundly exciting to us and our community in what it will bring to Southmead, we hope to have a much wider impact that reaches past Southmead into Bristol and across the country. Starting a community-led housing project can be a tough and trying process, met with many barriers to success, but through the work being carried out here we are having an impact on local and national policy, paving the way for community groups and the future of community led housing.

Southmead is perfectly poised in Bristol’s northern arc to become a key area for connectivity and a place which deserves an urban fabric as rich as its community.


Latest News from Southmead Regeneration


Posted: 26/01/2021
26/01/2021 Below is an update from the team at Bristol City Council who are leading on the public realm improvements for Arnside Road.   Do you have questions about the public realm improvements? Please email   Communications and Engagement: Updates sent to BS10 Parks and Planning. Signboards up for the Arnside works and ready for […]

Posted: 11/12/2020
Below is a poster from the team at Bristol City Council who are delivering the public realm improvements on Arnside.  You’ll see it appear in the noticeboards around Southmead. This is Phase 3 of the improvement plans. There will be a new cycle route, pedestrian crossings and disabled parking for Arnside to be accessible to […]

Posted: 13/11/2020
25/10/2020 Below is an update from the team at Bristol City Council who are leading on the public realm improvements for Arnside Road.   Do you have questions about the public realm improvements? Please email   Communications and Engagement The Mead Regen issue when this is published. Arnside Public Realm improvements update with proposals […]

Posted: 08/09/2020
Southmead Regeneration was shortlisted for the award for Community Led Place-making. Today, we found out that the project received a High Commendation! This is deserved recognition for the vision, drive, perseverance and dedication which our Southmead community has shown in making the regeneration of Arnside and Glencoyne Square a reality. It’s been six years of […]

Posted: 12/08/2020
August 7th 2020   It’s 5 months into the pandemic and I haven’t seen my fellow Southmead residents of the AGRP, in person, since February. Not everyone knows that the Regeneration Project for Southmead is still progressing in the background. It’s been a challenging time for everyone but we have not given up! In order […]

Posted: 05/08/2020
Bristol City Council are carrying out public realm improvements on Arnside Road. A key part of this work is the new seating which will be installed. These will be large granite benches and the Council would like the community to be involved in the design of the artwork which will be on them. As local […]

Posted: 24/07/2020
24/07/2020 Below is an update from the team at Bristol City Council who are leading on the public realm improvements for Arnside Road. We have also included images to accompany this update here: Proposed Traffic Regulation Order for Arnside Road  Contractors’ compound locations for Arnside Road and Greystoke Avenue Temporary Road Closure plan during Greystoke […]

Posted: 19/05/2020
13/05/2020 Below is an update from Bristol City Council about the public realm improvements for Arnside Road. To see images attached to this update, click HERE Please do get back to Bristol City Council with any comments on    Design The basic design of the public realm improvements around the Arnside shops has not […]

Posted: 13/05/2020
Southmead Residents are over the moon today because their proposal for one hundred and twenty new homes has been given the green light.  Residents cheered as they watched, online, Bristol City Council’s virtual planning committee give the go ahead for one of the largest community led housing projects in the country.  The project had been led […]

Posted: 06/05/2020
We are thrilled to announce that the Arnside and Glencoyne Regeneration Team came runners up at the Royal Town Planning Institute South West Branch Awards on January 20th 2020. They received a ‘Highly Commended’ for ‘Excellence in Other Planning Work’. The Judge’s report detailed that “Particularly impressive is the nature and degree of community involvement”. […]

Posted: 01/05/2020
I was born in Southmead and have lived here all of my 62 years.  I was the youngest of 7 children and when my Dad died I was just 2 years old.  My mother could no longer afford to live in the private house on Southmead Road, where I was born, so we moved into […]

Posted: 22/04/2020
You may have heard that the regeneration of Glencoyne Square is led by Southmead Residents, not by private developers.  It is a Community Led housing scheme. So, what does that actually mean? Community Led Housing West have now produced a video to describe what exactly Community Led Housing is.  It answers some of our common […]

Posted: 17/10/2019
  Our very own Deana Perry went to speak on a panel event on Monday, which was part of the Bristol Festival of Ideas and looked at the question – What would happen if communities had the power to create the homes they need? ‘We Can Make’ is a community led project exploring new ways […]

Posted: 14/10/2019
The Planning Application for the Regeneration of Glencoyne Square can be viewed online here. If you support the scheme and want to see it turn into reality – please take a few moments to leave a comment of support!   If you’d like to find out more about the scheme, pop in to one of […]

Posted: 07/10/2019
On Friday September 20th, our community submitted the planning application for Phase One of the Southmead Regeneration project.   **UPDATE** You can now view and comment on the planning application here. If you want to see the regeneration of Glencoyne Square happen, leave a comment of support using the ‘Comment’ tab. If you have any […]

Posted: 03/10/2019
Southmead Development Trust (SDT) are working in conjunction with the Bristol Housing Festival to explore the possibility of creating a co-living community on a small area of land adjacent to the Greenway Centre, on Doncaster Rd.   We are currently investigating creating 8 or 9 affordable new studio apartments, specifically for individuals from the local […]

Posted: 24/09/2019
  Its been over two months since Southmead Festival where the latest proposed plans for Glencoyne Square were presented to the community. Through this event and others which followed, local residents were able to see how local priorities had shaped the designs, and to give their feedback. The designs received an overwhelmingly positive response as you […]

Posted: 24/09/2019
We’re delighted that Southmead Regeneration has been shortlisted for this year’s RTPI SW Awards for Planning Excellence – the South West’s top planning award. Nash Partnership architects have been working alongside Southmead Development Trust and the community of Southmead to develop what is one of the largest community-led housing schemes in the country. The annual […]
Posted: 05/09/2019
Phase One of Southmead Regeneration – the regeneration of Glencoyne Square – is evolving every day as the team at Southmead Development Trust meet with partners to push this project forward to achieve the community’s ambitions. Over the past months we have been working through the final designs for the buildings, with the detailed design phase […]

Posted: 22/07/2019
The latest plans for Phase One of Southmead Regeneration are now available to see, which show the proposed designs for the new homes and community facilities on Glencoyne Square. This is your chance to see how community aspirations have shaped the plans, to feed back your thoughts and ask any questions. You can explore a […]
Posted: 12/07/2019
Southmead Festival on July 6th was a brilliant day full of live music and performances, great food and lots of fun activities. It was also an exciting day for Southmead Regeneration Project, as the latest plans for the new homes and community space on Glencoyne Square were revealed – not only on paper but in […]
Glencoyne Square
Posted: 04/07/2019
Southmead Development Trust are producing a Local Lettings Policy to work alongside Bristol City Councils HomeChoice allocation scheme, will enable the local community to help shape how Southmead grows. Local Lettings Policies can be used to help ensure social and affordable rented housing priority is given to people who are most in need of specific […]

Posted: 20/06/2019
Come down to Southmead Festival on July 6th to see the latest plans for Southmead Regeneration, and to share your thoughts with the Regeneration team, City Council and architects. The latest plans for Phase One of Southmead Regeneration – Glencoyne Square and Arnside Road – will be on display for consultation. These plans will show the […]

Posted: 15/05/2019
In partnership with Southmead Development Trust and the Regeneration board, Bristol City Council have won £3.6m from the ‘Housing and Infrastructure Fund’ to do infrastructure works to Arnside road and Glencoyne Square, to facilitate Southmead Regeneration and to improve Arnside Road. What does this mean for the future of Arnside Road, including parking? Lucy Empson from […]
Workshop design
Posted: 01/05/2019
Southmead Development Trust is looking for a dynamic, dedicated intern to support the communications, consultation and outreach in an ambitious and exciting community led regeneration project. The project intern will help to deliver what is one of the largest community-led schemes nationally.   Intern eligibility The scheme is open to first, second and placement year […]

Posted: 25/04/2019
On Friday 5th April Southmead played host to a group of 40 Landscape Architecture students from the University of Lille in France. As part of their course they were studying the development of cities in the United Kingdom and were here on a 9 day study trip. In Bristol they were being guided by a […]

Posted: 04/04/2019
Super star Sam McLellan – UWE’s Undergraduate Intern of the Year!   Many of you will have very fond memories of our UWE Bristol Intern Sam McLellan who spent the very sunny summer of 2018 here at Southmead Development Trust supporting the Housing & Regeneration project. Sam, an Architecture and Planning student, was an instant […]

Posted: 26/03/2019
  So far the Southmead Regeneration Team have run 10 consultation events, all about design. During these events we’ve been asking people a number of questions about the design of Glencoyne Square; what the future buildings, community facilities and green space should look and feel like. On Saturday March 30th we have an all-day event […]

Posted: 27/02/2019
This week we held the first of many design discussions in Southmead. In these sessions we are collecting local people’s thoughts on the design of the Glencoyne Square project. How will it look, how will it feel?     Part of this discussion is about exploring what makes Southmead feel like Southmead? We want to recognise the things […]

Posted: 20/02/2019
After a lot of community consultation in 2018, a masterplan for the future of Glencoyne Square was completed. You can see this here. We are now in the design phase of Southmead Regeneration. There are many decisions that need to be made about how Glencoyne Square will look and feel, and what the buildings and […]

Posted: 12/02/2019
We are well into the design phase of Southmead Regeneration Project. What does that mean? Well, the architects, contractor and other partners are working with the community to decide the finer details of what Glencoyne Square will look like in the future when it is home to new apartments, community spaces and a landscaped park […]

Posted: 05/02/2019
The Government’s Housing Minister, Kit Malthouse MP, visited Southmead last week (31 January) to hear about Southmead Regeneration and meet some of the local people who are on the steering group for one of the largest community-led housing project in the UK, which he described as a ‘knockout transformation that came from local people’. He […]

Posted: 29/01/2019
Interested in what the new park, homes and community space on Glencoyne Square are going to look like? The Southmead Regeneration is a community-led initiative and the project team – the architects, designers and contractors – need to be informed by what the community wants to see in Southmead. You’re invited to come on a […]

Posted: 22/01/2019
As we start 2019 we are entering into a new and exciting phase of the Southmead Regeneration Project. To start the year off we wanted to share an article that was recently published about the Regeneration Project – highlighting the innovation and ambitious work taking place in Southmead and SDT. Read the article on the […]

Posted: 15/11/2018
We may have been quiet in the community recently but the gears are still turning! Some big steps have been taken to move the Regeneration forward and we are excited to tell you about the next steps! A bid has now been submitted to Homes England to raise funding for the project. We feel that the […]
Posted: 06/11/2018
If you want a project and a role that fulfils your need to make a difference we are looking for a dynamic, dedicated person who is motivated to deliver a legacy development for and on behalf of Southmead Development Trust (SDT) and the Southmead community. SDT are delivering an ambitious and exciting community led regeneration […]
Posted: 24/10/2018
Great news! The Southmead Masterplan has been approved by Southmead Regeneration and can now be viewed in its entirety! A set of 4 documents have been published with as much juicy regeneration information as you can sink your teeth into.   The Story so Far – This is your regeneration 101. It is the shortest […]
Posted: 03/10/2018
This week the regeneration team were speaking to traders on Arnside road. Following their input and help from the local community, the design team were able to draw up planned improvements for the public realm around Southmead’s shopping centre. It is a great feeling to be able to build on work inspired by the community […]
Darren Jones
Posted: 16/09/2018
The public showing of the masterplan was a brilliant opportunity for people to come and ask questions they had about the regeneration, we had an excellent turn out and even had local MP Darren Jones visit. Great to see the majority of the community, including Darren, are very positive about the work that has been […]
Posted: 11/09/2018
Over the weekend Southmead Development Trust (SDT) hosted two events showcasing the new masterplan for the area. With over 100 people in attendance, the response was overwhelmingly positive with 80% of people agreeing / strongly agreeing that the proposals were a positive improvement for the neighbourhood. It was great to hear how excited people were […]
Posted: 03/09/2018
This week we will be showcasing the first draft of the masterplan at two consultation drop-ins.  Years of planning and surveying, months of resident engagement and feedback as well as designing and redrafting, have finally come to a head. The masterplan is the product of design work completed by residents during our modelling workshops, which was informed […]
agrp meeting
Posted: 29/08/2018
The Southmead Regeneration group (formerly AGRP) met last Friday to look at what ideas have been brought forward by the architects. The issues and concerns that are being tackled with the designs are the results of all of the consultation done previously. Taking influence from designs done by the residents during the modelling workshops, three […]
kids regeneration southmead
Posted: 23/08/2018
The kids have spoken! This week the Southmead Regeneration team visited the Youth Centre to find out what the kids thought of Southmead. Its no secret that some adults have felt intimidated by gangs or have been unhappy with the kids behavior, but what is the other side of the story? Well it turns out […]
Inclusion Southmead
Posted: 17/08/2018
This week the regeneration team met with Inclusion Southmead, a group of local residents who raise awareness about being disabled and campaign to improve disabled access to local shops, parks and amenities. We want to make sure residents from all walks of life have a say in the outcome of the regeneration  and views of […]
Youth poster
Posted: 15/08/2018
Fed up of being told what to do?! We are giving you an opportunity to be heard! SDT are aiming to speak to residents of all walks of life to get their opinions on what the Southmead Regeneration should look like. This includes you! Young people! Don’t let us tell you what we expect young […]
Posted: 10/08/2018
For a number of weeks the Southmead Regeneration Team have been out on the streets and in your community trying to find out your opinions on your local area. It has been great to speak to you all and hear your comments on Glencoyne Square and Arnside road (as well as a few old stories […]
Workshop design
Posted: 06/08/2018
Last week Southmead residents came to join SDT, Nash Partnership and the Council’s City Design Group to work through some thoughts about how they could improve their local area. The day was a great success with 2 workshops that generated some really brilliant ideas that the designers will use in the Southmead Regeneration.  We started […]
Southmead Regeneration Modelling
Posted: 01/08/2018
Today is the big day! The people attending today’s workshop will play a big part in shaping the community’s future. We have been listening to what you have to say and now it is time to show us YOUR ideas for what the Southmead Regeneration should look like. The workshop will be facilitated by architects […]
Southmead Regeneration
Posted: 24/07/2018
In the hot weather it is not only the bees that have been busy in Southmead. Here at SDT we have been on a mission with Nash architects, speaking to the community, traders and business owners around Arnside and Glencoyne Square signing you up to our Southmead Regeneration workshops. It has been really interesting to […]

Posted: 19/07/2018
This week SDT have been hitting the streets of Southmead with Nash architecture consultants and members of the community to hear what you have to say about the Southmead Regeneration Project! It has been great to get views from over 100 of you from all over the neighbourhood, different ages, different backgrounds, different views, one […]

Posted: 16/07/2018
This year’s Southmead Festival was a great success all round. From jiving to jerk chicken, we had it all! The Southmead Regeneration stall was a new addition and created a lot of interest in the community. Southmead Development Trust joined forces with Nash Architects, Streets Re-imagined and Bristol City Council‘s Urban Design Team to talk […]

Posted: 13/07/2018
Visit Southmead Regeneration at the ‘Shape Your Place’ stand at the Southmead Festival 2018.  We’ll have a Lego building area for your children (or big kids) to show us what they like to create, while we share with you the Southmead Development Trust’s aspirations to ensure our community is provided with the amenities and facilities […]

Posted: 11/03/2017
We held four public consultations in spring 2016 and invited residents to consider the idea of more housing and shops around Glencoyne Square, which is owned by both Bristol City Council and private landlords (primarily the churches). We continue to work hard in exploring options in meetings with land owners, potential funders, and in particular […]

Posted: 24/01/2017
You may have caught the article in the Bristol Post today about plans to regenerate and rejuvenate the space around Glencoyne Square. Led by the Southmead Development Trust (SDT) in consultation with residents, local groups* got together last summer to try to work out how our area could be improved and, most importantly, how affordable […]