The Story So Far

How does a group of residents go from door-knocking to shaping one of the biggest community-led regeneration schemes in the UK?

The Story of Southmead Regeneration starts with a group of passionate local residents who wanted to see investment and positive change in the community they love.  It began with the development of the Southmead Community Plan, which led to a regeneration ‘Masterplan’. On September 20th 2019 the planning application was submitted for Phase One of the Masterplan – delivering 120 homes, new community facilities, and improved public open space.

Want to know more about the Masterplan? Have a read of the documents below, which detail the entire masterplanning process, a summary of the plan, appendices and information.

They can be read online or downloaded and printed if you fancy some light reading with your morning cuppa.

It is recommended that when viewing the masterplan, you take the time to read the documents in full as it explains the processes that the plan underwent and has information surrounding why key decisions were made. It should hopefully answer any questions you may have.

    full report    summary    

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