CVs. Cover letters. Interviews. Job searching.

These can all be a little daunting and scary! We know that.

So, we’ve collected some tips, tricks and templates so you can have some tools at hand. Each document is downloadable so you can have it ready to go on your phone, tablet or computer if you need a refresher.



In each of these sections, you can find guides, templates and videos to aid you through the employment and training journey!


Applying for Jobs

Every job asks for a CV, covering letter or application form. It’s one of those things that everybody has to do. Fortunately, you can seize the opportunity to really sell yourself! Everyone’s got skills and experiences which are important and useful.

Have you seen a job you like the look of? Are you out of work and need a new CV? These guides and templates can help you on your way so you can be ready to apply when you see what you want!



Writing a CV Top Tips

Here are three CV example templates. They can be downloaded to be used or simply for inspiration! Remember to really make it your own. You can play around with layouts, colours and fonts, just make sure it’s easy to read.

CV Template 1

CV Template 2

CV Template 3

Listen to Zoe from our team who chats about what a CV is, how she uses one and key things to consider. Check it out!



Covering Letters

Covering Letter Top Tips

Here are two simple covering letter templates for inspiration. You can be creative with your covering letters too! Some people use a similar style to their CV as they are often sent together. Have a play around with layout, font and formatting. Remember to make it clear and keep it to one page!

Covering Letter Template 1

Covering Letter Template 2


Application Forms



Interviews are a necessary part of getting a job but can understandably make us really nervous!

Is it your first interview and you don’t know what to expect? Or maybe you haven’t had an interview in a while and fancy a refresher?

Below are some Dos and Don’ts for interviews and some handy interview preparation. So, you can get started and feel more confident. You’ve got this!


Getting Ready for Interviews


Interviews Dos and Don’ts

Preparing Your Answers

Listen to Lucille from our team give 9 quick tips for interviews – a handy refresher on what to think about and how to prepare. Check it out!