Interested in joining our Board of Trustees? We are particularly keen to hear from residents of Southmead. Please contact Amy Kinnear, Chief Executive, tel: 0117 950 3335 email:

Peter MansfieldI am originally from Bishop's Stortford, which is a town on the Hertfordshire-Essex border just north of London. I trained as a lawyer in London before moving to Bristol in 1994. I am a partner at the law firm, RPC, specialising in insurance litigation.

Caring comes in two forms - that which makes you love and that which makes you angry. In the former category, I would place my family, my friends and my faith. In the latter category, I would place the destruction of our environment, the current disregard for truth and honesty and the continued institutional and systemic injustices in our world.

In 2012, I was between jobs and was reassessing my various time commitments. In particular, I was keen to become involved in social enterprise and was drawn to SDT because my church meets weekly at Greenway. I feel that the SDT makes a difference to the community of Southmead. More importantly, I believe that it can make even more of a difference in the next few years. Indeed, I believe that we can be something of a role model for other similar charities across Bristol and beyond. I would like to be part of that and am committed to seeing the SDT serve Southmead better and more effectively.

I love nature and am currently compiling a list of all the creatures in my garden - I am up to about 700 species, but the actual number will be double or treble that figure. I am very proud to be a nature nerd. I also love photography, self-education, creativity and faith.
Trenna BlundellI have lived in Southmead for 17 years and consider it home. I work part time at St Stephens Church with children and families as well as raising my 4 boys.
I care about where I live and helping to make it a welcoming, inclusive and interesting place to live. I would like Southmead to be a place that looks after itself and helps itself to keep on wanting to be the best.
I am involved with the Trust because I believe it is well placed to listen to the community and respond to what it says.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking through litter free woodland, baking cakes, growing vegetables, sewing, going to the sea and watching my boys play football.
Sheralyn FowlerI was born in Southmead 51 years ago and have moved away twice. However that was over 25 years ago, so have lived in Southmead for the rest of it.
I used to work in a local school for eight years and loved every minute, however due to my ill mental health, I had to retire/leave early.
As a SDT Trustee I want to speak on behalf of Southmead residents and I originally got asked to join to make up the number of women, haha!
Brenda MasseyI was born and have always lived in North Bristol. I used to work for BT, before I took redundancy. After a year off, I was asked to stand for election as a Councillor in Southmead, and was lucky enough to be elected.
I care about people! Southmead residents deserve the best we can give them
I was a friend of one of the members of the original group that were involved right at the beginning of the SDT, when Greenway School closed down, so I knew a bit about the aims of the Greenway Centre. When I was lucky enough to be elected as one of the Councillors for Southmead Ward I was invited to join the Trustees. The SDT keeps the best interest of people living in the area at the heart of decision making, and we are involved in some very exciting local issues currently.

In my spare time I like gardening, crochet, patchwork, and seeing the children and grandchildren when we can. Spare time is very limited currently!
John WoolcockI am involved with the SDT because I want to play my part in working for the community where I live; the SDT is one of the organisations that is really making a positive impact on Southmead. I have a lot of hope for what we will continue to achieve over the coming years. I am looking forward to seeing increasing opportunities for all, but especially young people and school leavers. I’d love for everyone to have a chance to achieve their ambitions and so in the future to hear stories of people for whom growing up in Southmead was a springboard to their success.
Jill HoggansI am 65 years old, born in Southmead and apart from 3 years I have lived here all my life. I was a Youth Worker for 37 years, for 10 of these years I was a part time worker in Southmead Youth Centre. During this time I was a Foster Parent for 6 years.

I care about people. I like to make people happy, I like seeing people making positive changes to their lives. In my spare time I am an Airbnb host, I dabble in a few crafts and I love cooking. I am a volunteer visitor for Neighbours Connect and I am also a Trustee at FACE (Foundation for Active Community Engagment), a Community group in Filton.

I got involved in SDT because I was asked to, this made me feel valued and useful. Since then I have enjoyed meeting other Trustees and staff working in Greenway Centre. I have enjoyed finding out what's happening in the Centre and in the community. I like the way SDT works, supporting people to make positive changes in their lives and involving local residents in making decisions about their community.
Helen GodwinI am one of the Bristol City Councillors for Southmead and also a Cabinet Member for Women, Families and Homes. I have represented Southmead since 2016 and am passionate about the community and working with residents to support them in making the community as safe and strong as possible.
I'm a born and bred Bristolian and loves spending time with her young family, good food and an occasional Thatchers at the Mem!
Kevin SweeneyI believe this is an exciting time for Southmead. Times are hard at the moment for many families, with limited funding and opportunities around but what there is around is the potential for local people to have a greater say in what happens in Southmead.
Billy CotterellI want the best for the people of Southmead.
Geoff WilliamsI was born in Bristol 73 years ago. I attended Bristol Technical School, leaving aged 16. I did a 5 year apprenticeship at Bristol Siddeley Engines (now Rolls Royce). I joined Bristol Police in 1973 and retired 2002. I worked for Bristol Drugs Project 2002 until 2014 and I’m now in full time retirement.

I care passionately about the whole community of Southmead having policed the estate for over 25 years as a Constable and Sergeant. I am Vice Chair of the Bristol & Strategic IAG's (Independent Advisory Groups to the Avon & Somerset Constabulary).
I got involved in SDT as I was an original member of the Greenway Steering Group which became the Greenway Centre Trust which is now the SDT (only about 36 years to date!!!) I think it is very important that the Trust has the benefit of the whole of the Southmead Community as its core.

In my spare time I am President and Chair of Southmead Rugby Club and Chairman of the Bristol Branch for Guide Dogs for the Blind. My wife and I puppy walk and board Guide Dogs. I am also Vice Chair of the Cotswold Community Association Shirehampton.
Lee GardinerHaving been born and raised in Southmead, I wanted to contribute to the ongoing development of the SDT in order to support the local community that I belong to.
David RoderickHaving worked in Southmead for many years with families and individuals facing huge challenges I wanted to be part of an organisation working to find creative solutions to the problems they faced. Since joining the Board I’ve been excited to see creative ideas and new projects that can improve the life experience and opportunities for everyone in the community. I know that with the community plan and a commitment to partnership as a starting point, SDT will be play a key part in the regeneration of Southmead and will be a powerful voice on the behalf of the community both locally and nationally.
Marion BaynesI was born and brought up in Southmead and attended the long gone and still missed Pen Park Girls School, partner to the Greenway Boys school. My last job before I retired was as Public and Patient Liaison for the Greenway Community Practice, which was quite an innovative role for a GP Practice at the time, among other things I was the holder of the tissues and the maker of a cup of tea for people who need a hug or a shoulder to cry on.

I care about people especially those who have not had the best start in life through deprivation or illness.

I got involved with SDT because I want to make a difference for the better for the Southmead Community. I think that the Trust is in an excellent place to facilitate change whilst remaining responsive to the wider community.

In my spare time I like yoga, walking, gardening, short breaks, feeding the local fox!
Tim TempleI am a Trustee and Vice Chair of Southmead Development Trust, and also a member of the Finance Committee.

I have worked in the past to develop Sports facilities across Southmead. This included developing the boxing gym on the side of the youth centre and the MUGA at the Adventure Playground. The highlight was saving the playing fields at the old Pen Park School site and raising the funding to develop the facilities that now make up the Southmead Sports Association.
Since then I have worked regularly in Southmead, mainly through my work. At the moment that is for the National Lottery Community Fund. An example of a local organisation that we have supported is The Southmead Project.

I spend my days supporting charity and community groups, looking at their governance, understanding the impact they are looking to achieve and supporting them with funding and I bring these skills to the SDT Board.

Southmead Development Trust is a great organisation making a real difference to people in Southmead and elsewhere across north Bristol.