Interested in joining our Board of Trustees? We are particularly keen to hear from residents of Southmead. Please contact Amy Kinnear, Chief Executive, tel: 0117 950 3335 email:

Peter Mansfield"I feel that the SDT makes a difference to the community of Southmead.  More importantly, I believe that it can make even more of a difference in the next few years.  Indeed, I believe that we can be something of a role model for other similar charities across Bristol and beyond.  I would like to be a part of that and am committed to seeing the SDT serve Southmead better and more effectively."
Trenna Blundell"As a member of the Board for several years I have been excited to see where the SDT has progressed from, and would love to be a part of taking it forward further. I love Southmead, I live here and am passionate about community and am committed to seeing local people passionate too."
Sheralyn Fowler"The SDT has a great deal to offer Southmead residents and as I am one I feel it is important to represent my community in this way."
Brenda Massey"I have served as a Trustee for several years and really appreciate the work that the Trust does to benefit everyone living in the Southmead area, and further afield. I believe that it is important to have a Trustee Board representing many aspects of the community, and from varied backgrounds, as we can all bring different skills to the Board and reflect the diverse community that is Southmead."
John Woolcock"I am involved with the SDT because I want to play my part in working for the community where I live; the SDT is one of the organisations that is really making a positive impact on Southmead. I have a lot of hope for what we will continue to achieve over the coming years. I am looking forward to seeing increasing opportunities for all, but especially young people and school leavers. I’d love for everyone to have a chance to achieve their ambitions and so in the future to hear stories of people for whom growing up in Southmead was a springboard to their success."
Jill Hoggans
Helen Godwin
Kevin Sweeney"I believe this is an exciting time for Southmead. Times are hard at the moment for many families, with limited funding and opportunities around but what there is around is the potential for local people to have a greater say in what happens in Southmead."
Billy Cotterell"I want the best for the people of Southmead."
Geoff Williams"I have been involved in what was the Greenway Trust, and is now the Southmead Development Trust, since the old Greenway Boys School closed in the 1980s. I wish to progress all that is good for the whole community of Southmead."
Lee Gardiner"Having been born and raised in Southmead, I wanted to contribute to the ongoing development of the SDT in order to support the local community that I belong to."
David Roderick"Having worked in Southmead for many years with families and individuals facing huge challenges I wanted to be part of an organisation working to find creative solutions to the problems they faced. Since joining the Board I’ve been excited to see creative ideas and new projects that can improve the life experience and opportunities for everyone in the community. I know that with the community plan and a commitment to partnership as a starting point, SDT will be play a key part in the regeneration of Southmead and will be a powerful voice on the behalf of the community both locally and nationally."
Marion Baynes
Holly Maurice
Tim Temple